Claudia Kaufmann

My name is Claudia Kaufmann, I am 26 years young and come from Zurich. I spent my first 20 years in Thailand with my family and our dogs Boy, Mimi and Pumpuy. As a child, my four-legged friends were an important part of my life. Not only the dogs, but also my cats and my horse meant the world to me.

At the age of 20 I moved Switzerland, where I successfully graduated from the hotel management school. I then worked for two years as a receptionist at the Dolder Grand Hotel, before I then changed industry and was responsible for the production of the magazine "La Tavola". During an 11 month trip around the world with my fiancé Martin, I had many encounters with street dogs. I ended up looking after these dogs almost every day. This experience made it clear to me, that I wanted to completely devote my time and energy to dogs. 

Antonio Luque

My name is Antonio, I'm 27 and I came from Spain. I love nature and interacting with animals. I had a dog for 17 years so I've spend a big part of my life learning from them. I love working at "Walk the Dog" because I'm happy while doing my job and it also give me oportunity to stay fit and walk in the mountains! Is such a great feeling to be surrounded by the man's best friend everyday!

Christine Müller

Meine Passion, Leidenschaft sind die Hunde. Schon vor 40 Jahren fing ich an, meinen ersten Hund (Kuvasz) fremd betreuen zu lassen. Ich bin bei walk the dog die Springerin, da es mir viel Spass macht mit den Hunden. Das Herz geht mir immer wieder von neuem auf, wenn ich sie in der Gruppe beobachte und sehe, wie sich jeder auf seine Art amüsiert und uns sein Vertrauen schenkt. Das ist eine Bereicherung für mich.

Sebastian Müller
Phone: 076 442 44 88

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