"Dem Hunde,

wenn er gut erzogen, 

ist selbst ein weiser Mann gewogen"


Group lessons

Group lessons takes place in Küsnacht on Saturdays.

In addition to basic obedience, it is also important for me to focus on the individual needs.

All breeds are welcome.


The group lessons include the following points:

  • Binary language: "Yes" (right) and "No" (wrong)
  • The dog walks with and without a leash by my side
  • Quiet waiting after removal from the leash
  • Friendly, unobtrusive behaviour towards humans
  • Building/strengthening social relationships across species and intra-specific
  • Recalling under distraction
  • “Sit” and “Stay” using significant gestures with and without distraction
  • Calm behaviour between exercises
  • Stopping movement
  • Nose work for the dog (searching and retrieving, tracks and towing)
  • Learning to “read the dog”

Course location: Zumikon 
Course hours: 09:00am - 11:00am
Course fees: 10 lesson subscription CHF 400.-

Private lessons

Thanks to my many years of experience, my ability to recognise problems, and my daily work with dogs, I can help you. 

I find the cause of unwanted behaviours and put together a personalised training program for you. 

I will happily support you with the following problems:

  • Aggressive (offensive/defensive) behaviour towards conspecifics or fellow human beings
  • Uncontrolled hunting behaviour
  • Uncertainty/anxiety
  • Sensitivity to noise

Most of the time it takes patience, consistency, endurance and assertiveness.

But the daily work does pay off, so that you and your dog can be helped. 

Cost: 1 lesson CHF 150.-, 6 lesson subscription CHF 900.-

Expenses are included within a radius of 25 km.

Sebastian Müller
Phone: 076 442 44 88
Email: info@walkthedog.ch

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