Sebastian Müller

Although I grew up with dogs, instead of going for a walk, I preferred to run after the ball. Since Aza (my first Weimaraner) came into my life, my fascination with dogs won't let me go. And so, I went from being the kicker and fashion designer, to the dog walker. 

As a dog Walker, I wanted to further address the issue of “dog/dog ownership” and immerse myself into the fascinating interaction. 

After an intense debate of the dog being an individual and a living being, but also from the point of view of the owner and dog sitters, my perception changed. This applies to both the relationship and the communications between dogs themselves, as well as between man and dog. Most of my knowledge I learnt from Anton Fichtlmeier. I relished my 5 year trainers course with Anton, which I completed in 2012. 

Today, I deal intensively with the training of family dogs as well as with dogs that display behavioural problems. In addition to the group walks, I offer private lessons to be able to specifically focus on the individual dog. 

I visit lectures and seminars in Germany and Switzerland on a regular basis to be continuously up to date with the industry. Hence, I assure my competence as a dog sitter and can further pass on my knowledge to my employees.

Attended weekend seminars with Anton Fichtlmeier:

  • Searching and retrieving
  • New paths in puppy training
  • The leash as a communication aid - part 1
  • The leash - part 2: advanced seminar
  • The leash as a therapy aid - part 3
  • The way to reliable searching
  • Working with the stimulus rod
  • Work at the waterside
  • Shot heat and steadiness
  • Module 2: training for trainers


Visited theme evenings with Anton Fichtlmeier:

  • Learning from wolves and dogs
  • Expression and social behaviour of dogs
  • Promoting contact behaviour of the dog
  • New ways of training hunting dogs
  • The dog on the leash
  • The leash as a therapy aid

More seminars attended by me:

  • Hans Schlegel, Jan Nijboer and Anton Fichtlmeier: “3 methods introduce themselves”
  • Hans Schlegel: “Aratanka animal communication”
  • Günther Bloch: “Wolfish for dog owners - off with the old braids"
  • Edgar Wagner: “Bloodhound dog handlers guide seminar”
  • Dolores Hersche: “The dog on the leash”


More lectures and symposia:

  • Adam Miklosi: “From dogs and wolves”
  • Dr. Dorit Feddersen-Petersen: “Expression behaviour in dogs”
  • Günther Bloch: “From aggressive individuals up to the wolf in sheep's clothing”
  • PD Dr. Udo Ganslosser: “Why aggressive behaviour is important for survival”
  • Jan Nijboer: “Definition and meaning of dominance in the human-dog relationship”
  • Michael Grewe: “The social responsibility of the dog trainer”

Other courses:

  • FBA Certificate
  • Wakonda DMT Dogman Trainer
  • Dog Samaritans Vetgate
  • Certificate of competence SKN

Sebastian Müller
Phone: 076 442 44 88

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